Monday, February 9, 2009

Joyful News!

Last night i had the privilege of receiving some very wonderful and HAPPY:) news! i had just got done walking around outside at about 8 at night and praying and spending time with the Lord when i come inside and look on my computer and on the status beside the name of one of my best friends beside her msn messanger name it said I got saved tonight! WOO HOO Praise the Lord :P when i saw that i couldnt help but start rejoicing and praising the Lord for this! i almost broke down and cried i was soo happy! well i went to bed still rejoicing but little did i know it wasnt over. this morning whn i got to school one of the teachers said i saw on Jordans facebook that she got saved. and i didnt say anything but i was confused cuz i thought it was Sarah that got saved. and then one of the kids said and Sarah did too! so that completly blindsitted me and confused me for a minute but i was rejoicing all over again because i had found out that another one of my best friends got saved last night! so that was just some joyful news i received last ngiht and this moning and i praise the Lord that it happed! they have the blood of Christ flowing through them now and i cant help but go back to when i felt that! it was amazing. and i just want them to know i am praying for them both all the time and i pray they stay close to the Lord and never let anything come first before Him! stay close to the Lord guys! im excited for you two and love you guys!

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  1. aww Justin! I like that post your sweet..That really blessed me that it blessed you!!!!!